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Universal Systems SE manufacturers hot melt adhesive systems and custom components for all types of primary and secondary packaging lines as well as specialty adhesive applications.

We manufacture and maintain a high inventory level of hot melt adhesive equipment. This enables us to offer our customers an immediate in stock option for all OEM packaging lines such as A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp®, Aagard Group®, Douglas®, Econocorp®, Langen Packaging Group®, Oystar RA Jones®, Pearson®, Schneider® and Wayne Automation Corp®.

Our complete Probilt line of hot melt adhesive equipment includes glue units, pneumatic pumps, heated hoses, pneumatic guns, modules, nozzles, pattern controllers, related service parts, and accessories that are guaranteed to be durable, reliable, and industry compatible.

Universal Systems SE custom hot melt equipment components are precision manufactured to your specifications and can be delivered in as little as two weeks.

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