Hot Melt Glue Head

Hot Melt Adhesive Applicators

The Universal Systems SE ProBilt series of hot melt modular guns have been designed to handle a wide range of low, medium, or high speed hot melt applications. State of the art engineering ensures superior durability, extended service life, and uncompromising performance to meet the operational demands of today’s manufacturing.

All guns are an air-open, spring-close operation that when coupled with a performance matched solenoid can deliver speeds of over 3000 cycles per minute. A factory-set piston stroke and unique seat design provides a consistent glue pattern and precise cutoff, eliminating the need for operator adjustment.

As with all Universal Systems SE hot melt systems and custom components, the ProBilt Series of modular guns are compatible with much of your existing equipment, without compromise.

Why USSE Guns?

The ProBilt Series of guns are economical, simple to operate, and easy to maintain, thus reducing your maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime.

The easily replaced air-open, spring-close extrusion modules are interchangeable with various types of seats and nozzles for added flexibility and uniformity.

USSE Hot Melt Adhesive Applicator Features

  • All guns are equipped with electrical “quick” disconnects for a fast plug and run installation.
  • The use of RTD sensors for precise temperature control.
  • A slim profile that allows for greater installation flexibility.
  • Available in over 500 different configurations of one, two, three, four and five module units.
  • 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • High strength aluminum manifolds and stainless steel covers for easy cleaning and unequalled durability.
  • Larger diameter heater for extended service life.

Custom Guns

Custom guns available for your specific requirements. Manufactured and delivered in two weeks. Call to speak to one of our engineers.

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