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Save Money By Closing Boxes With Adhesive Melters Instead Of Tape Machines

Friday, December 09, 2016

Save Money By Closing Boxes With Adhesive Melters Instead Of Tape Machines

“Time is money.” You’ve heard it before, but have you really considered the implications? Universal Systems SE has. Our goal is to save you money and increase productivity with our line of industrial hot melt equipment.

Are you looking to take the hassle out of sealing boxes? Are countless scraps of peeling tape getting on your nerves? Universal Systems SE has the solution. Thanks to our user friendly adhesive systems, sealing boxes has never been easier. Our ProBilt line is specially designed to maximize efficiency.

Sealing boxes with tedious tape machines is a thing of the past. ProBilt hot melt units are incredibly intuitive and almost maintenance free. The AccuScan Control System makes using the equipment a breeze, with features like “one touch” setback which places the unit into a non-charing standby mode. The LCD screen displays temperature readings and system status to let you know exactly what to expect, taking the mystery out of the operating process. When’s the last time an old tape machine gave you a status update?

But what truly ensures that investing in a ProBilt hot melt unit pays off in the end? Its unquestionable durability. Units are manufactured using state-of-the-art laser cut stainless steel, military grade wiring, and a custom cast high strength aluminum tank that is Teflon coated. These and other features ensures that ProBilt machines will outlast the competition. And if the extended life of these different materials wasn’t enough, each ProBilt melter comes with a ten-year cast in heater tank warranty, which is the longest in the industry. An investment in the ProBilt line is an investment in the future, because Universal Systems SE ensures you get your money’s worth out of every single product.

Cut down on time, hassle, and responsibility by purchasing the most cost-effective option on the market. Universal Systems SE hot melt equipment has been proven reliable for decades across all industries around the world. Ensure both safety and efficiency with each seal, and know your production process is one you can trust.

Not convinced yet? CLICK HERE to watch a video about how to select a hot melt unit. See for yourself why a ProBilt melter is the best choice for you!

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