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Nozzles: Brass with Stainless Steels Tips

Monday, August 06, 2018

Nozzles: Brass with Stainless Steels Tips

There are several components that work together in applying hot melt adhesive to your packaging line. One of the most important, yet smallest, components are nozzles. Nozzles come in several types and sizes, and even though you may not realize it, these small parts are engineered in a way to keep your packaging line running smoothly and efficiently.

Constructed out of brass and fitted with stainless steep tips, Universal Systems prides ourself in the ability to manufacture high quality and long-lasting nozzles. We make the body out of brass because it is the best conductor of heat to keep the adhesive the correct temperature for application. The different orifice tips are made from stainless steel because of the materials durability and longevity. Stainless steel tips will remain accurate in diameter and are nearly impossible to damage from packaging flaps, which tend to brush up against nozzles on cartoner machines.

Another great attribute of our Universal Systems SE nozzles is their versatility and ease of use. Most all nozzles are replaceable. Even if you are running reduced cavity, zero cavity or ProBead modules, we offer the option to buy nozzle tip replacement kits. For standard modules, simply unscrew your existing nozzle and then screw on the new one. For reduced cavity, zero cavity or ProBead modules, we include the nozzle tip, needle, needle guide and installation tool. Also, most all nozzles are cleanable! If you think that your nozzles are clogged from char or debris, you can get a nozzle cleaning kit for all diameter nozzles.

If you are interested in learning more about Universal Systems SE nozzles or get pricing on nozzles, nozzle replacement kits or cleaning kits, please reach out to sales@ussefl.com or call (800) 848-5018.

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