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  • ProBilt 20 Melter --- Compatible to P10, 3500 Melter, 2302 Melter, 2304 Melter

    Item# D100-644

    ProBilt 20 Melter --- Compatible to P10, 3500 Melter, 2302 Melter, 2304 Melter

    PROBILT SERIES 20 HOT MELT ADHESIVE UNIT --- Compatible to P10 - 3500 Hot Melt Adhesive Unit - 2302 Hot Melt Adhesive Unit - 2304 Hot Melt Adhesive Unit

    The ProBilt 20 adhesive melter is a direct replacement for the Nordson Series 2300 Melters, Nordson 3500 Series Melters, as well as the ITW Challenger Quattro. The key elements that make this possible are its 10 Liter / 20 Pound tank capacity, and its compatibility with Nordson and ITW Challenger heated hoses and applicator glue guns.

    ProBilt 20 units are used by companies across the globe to turn solid chips of hot melt into molten adhesive. Once the glue is liquefied it is pumped out of the machine into hoses and guns attached to the unit. The components provide continuous heat and a path for the molten adhesive to the desired substrate.

    The ProBilt 20 unit is manufactured utilizing high quality materials that have been proven to outlast our competitors. The tank reservoir is solid aluminum with a cast in heater and is coated with genuine Dupont Teflon. A pneumatic pump is used to push the adhesive out of the tank, into a distribution manifold, and through a filter the adhesive exits the unit through four ports where heated hoses are attached to distribute to gun applicators.

    The melter is controlled by the AccuScan Control System Panel which controls and monitors temperature within +/- 1 degree. The control system uses resistance temperature detectors (RTD’s) to calculate and regulate the temperature of the tank, hoses and guns. Standard features included temperature setback, parent machine interlock functionality, external fault alarm interface, and a sequential start up routine that automatically powers up the system in a manner that optimizes the life of the unit and its components.

    There are also safety features built into the ProBilt 20 unit that protect operators and require no additional setup or maintenance. The self-resetting thermal safety cut off activates if the temperature of the melter exceeds 450 degrees Fahrenheit and then resets when the temperature drops. The manifold pressure relief valve limits the amount of pressure the system can build up, and takes effect at approximately 1400 PSI.

    You can count on us to keep your line running because all of the components for the ProBilt 20 hot melt unit are always In Stock.

    The ProBilt 20 adhesive melter and its predecessors have been dependable to manufacturing facilities around the world for over 35 years.

    To learn more please reach out to Universal Systems SE at sales@ussefl.com or call us at (561) 272-5442.

    Tank Capacity: 20 lbs

    Melt Rate: 23 lbs/hr

    Pump Rate: 75 lbs/hr at 3200 Centipoise

    Operating Temperature Range: 100-425 F

    Viscosity Range: 850-31,000 Centipoise

    Temperature Control: Solid State

    Voltage: 208-240 VAC 50/60 HZ 10/30

    Maximum System Wattage: 5500 Watts

    Hose Capacity: Minimum of 1 / Maximum of 4

    Weight: 75 lbs

    OEM Cross Reference: P10, 1022234, 1022235, 3500V Melter, 3500 Vista Hot Melt Unit, 3500V-1EAV2, 238310, 238-310, 238 310, 3500V-1EAV4, 243666, 243-666, 243 666, 3500 Adhesive Melter, 3500 Hot Melt Unit, 3500-1EA32, 168188, 168-188, 168 188, R168188, R168-188, R168 188, 3500-1EA34, 168204, 168-204, 168 204, R168204, R168-204, R168 204, 2302 Adhesive Melter, 2302 Hot Melt Unit, 166535, 166-535, 166 535, R166535, R166-535, R166 535, 276881, 276-881, 276 881, R276881, R276-881, R276 881, 276882, 276-882, 276 882, R276882, R276-882, R276 882, 276883, 276-883, 276 883, R276883, R276-883, R276 883, 2304 Adhesive Melter, 2304 Hot Melt Unit, 166536, 166-536, 166 536, R166536, R166-536, R166 536, 276884, 276-884, 276 884, R276884, R276-884, R276 884, 276885, 276-885, 276 885, R276885, R276-885, R276 885, 276886, 276-886, 276 886, R276886, R276-886, R276 886, 276033, 276-033, R276033, R276-033, 276034, 276-034, R276034, R276-034

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