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Custom Hot Melt Equipment Machining Services

Custom Machined Parts for Packaging Lines

  • Metal Spacers
  • Metal Brackets
  • Steel Shafts
  • Sheet Metal Boxes and Enclosures
  • Need a custom part? We can manufacture just about anything you might need for your packaging line at Universal Systems SE. Whether it’s a custom bracket, rail runner or spacer, if you need it, we can make it. It’s simple…just provide us with a drawing or sample of the part you need custom made and we will send you a quote.

    Design and Engineering

    Our engineers, armed with state of the art technology and over 35+ years of industry experience, can help you get the correct custom part made. Whether reengineering your equipment, or starting with an existing drawing or sample, we will produce for you the exact component to keep your packaging line running smoothly.

    Fast Turnaround Times

    Here at Universal Systems SE we offer expedited services. We know that it is imperative for your packaging lines to perform at their maximum capacity at all times. Once we have made your custom part, we can easily remanufacture it for future orders!

    Competitive Pricing

    Are you afraid that custom manufacturing is just too expensive and won’t fit into your already diminishing budget? That’s not the case when you order from USSE. We realize the importance of competitive pricing, especially in today’s economy. All of our custom manufactured parts are made with the highest quality raw materials.

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