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Hot Melt Nozzles

Hot Melt Nozzles

Superior design and precise machining set Universal Systems SE nozzles apart from all other manufacturers.

  • All nozzle orifices are drilled by computerized controlled machinery and engagements precisely calibrated.
  • Nozzles orifices are sized to a tolerance of +/-.0003 for maximum accuracy.
  • Both single orifice straight and right angle nozzles have a brass body with a stainless steel insert for more effective heat transfers and extended durability.
  • Single and multi orifice nozzles are available in both straight and right angle configurations, as well as various other degrees of glue placement for a tailor-patterned performance.
  • A wide selection of nozzle lengths and orifice diameters are manufactured to meet your precise pattern requirements.
  • Custom nozzles can be designed to facilitate any distinct glue pattern.
  • All nozzles will fit a wide variety of other manufacturer’s equipment, without compromise.

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