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Nordson® Compatible Spare Parts for Series 3000 Systems


Melter Information

Pressure Relief Valves ● Filter Assemblies ● RTDs ● Thermostats ● Fuses

Nordson® Compatible Spare Parts List for Series 3000 Melters

Nordson® Compatible Spare Parts List for Series 3000 Melters

Compatible Series 3000 Pump

New Pumps ● Pump Rebuilding ● Shifters ● Rebuild Kits

Compatible Series 3000 Pump ProBilt Series 3000 Pump

Heated Hoses

New Hoses: From 2ft To 32ft ● Standard, High Flex, and Water Resistant

Standard LEGACYStandard Hot Melt Hoses
STANDARD Hi-Flex Hi-Flex Hot Melt Hoses
Water Resistant Water Resistant Hot Melt Hoses
Hand Gun Hand Gun Hot Melt Hoses

Hot Melt Glue Guns

Single Module and Multiple Module Configurations
Standard and Water Resistant ● Rebuilding ● Custom Designs

Standard Standard Applicator Guns
Water Resistant Water Resistant Applicator Guns


Standard H200 ● Reduced Cavity ● Zero Cavity ● Swirl - CF
Standard H20 ● Micro Adjustment

Modules Modules


Single Orifice ● Multiple Orifice ● Right Angle - 90 Degree
Swirl Disc ● CF Unibody

Nozzles Nozzles

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