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Nordson® Compatible Spare Parts List for P4, P7, P10 Melters

Compatible In Stock Items for:

P4, P7, P10 Hot Melt Tanks

10-5415US Plug, O-ring, 9/16, pkg. of 8
10-5523US Pkg of 5 O-rings, Viton
10-5525US O-ring, Viton (pkg of 4)
12-1007US Kit, Fuse (pkg of 4) 1 amp
12-1008US Kit, Fuse (pkg of 4) 6.3 amp
14-2445US Kit, Fuse (pkg of 2) 25 amp
16-3034US Kit, Fuse (pkg of 4) 15 amp
16-3039US Piston Cup
27-3139US Seal, Pump
27-6024US Valve Assembly, Drain
31-0904US Fuse, 1 Amp, Kit, 4
50-3696US Cage, Ball, Siphon
50-3709US Seat, Ball, Pressure
90-0000US Ball, 440 Stainless Steel,
0.375 in.
90-0001US Ball, 440 Stainless Steel,
0.500 in.
93-9113US Fuse, 15 amp, Kit, 4
93-9491US Fuse, 25 amp, Kit 2
93-9683US Fuse, 6.3 amp, Kit, 4
93-9708US Fuse, 1 Amp, Kit, 4
93-9992US Fuse, 30 Amp
94-0101US O-ring, Viton (US010C)
94-0133US O-ring, Viton, 0.426 x 0.070 in.
94-0172US O-ring, Viton, 0.676 x 0.070 in.
94-0261US O-ring, Viton, 1.250 x 0.375 x
0.063 in.
94-0281US O-ring, Viton (US028C)
94-0332US O-ring, Viton, 2.000 x 2.125 x
0.063 in.
94-1172US O-ring, Viton (US117C)
94-2111US O-ring, Viton, 0.812 x 0.062 x
0.125 in.
94-5037US O-ring, Viton, 1 in. Tube
95-2100US U Cup, Viton
95-4013US Backup ring, Teflon
95-4036US Back-up Ring
97-3543US Plug, O-ring, Straight Thread,
97-3574US Plug, O-ring, Straight Thread,
98-4092US Nut, Hex, Lock, Torque, M6,
Class 10
98-6331US Retaining Ring, Internal, 100,
10-17189US Tube, Cross-over, Pump
10-17849US Backup ring, Teflon, 0.273 x
10-19515US O-ring, Viton, 0.50 x 0.75 x
0.125 in.
10-21919US Filter Assembly, 100-mesh,
with O-ring
10-28303RUS Service, Rebuilt Pump
for P4, P7 & P10
10-28304US Kit, Service, Pump
for P4, P7 & P10
10-28305US Filter Assembly, 100-mesh,
with O-ring
10-28307US Kit, Service, Pneumatic
Panel Assembly
10-28308US Kit, Service, Pressure
Discharge Valve
10-28309US Kit, Service, Manifold
P4, P7 & P10
10-28320US Sensor, Temperature, RTD
10-28321US Thermostat, 500 F,
with Screws
10-28329US Kit, Service, Fuse,
Main Circuit Board
10-28331US Kit, Service, Hose/Gun

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