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Nordson® Compatible Spare Parts List for Series 3000 Hot Melt Units

Compatible In Stock Melter Items for:

3100 - 3400 - 3500 - 3700

10-5415US Plug, O-ring, 9/16, pkg. of 8
10-5432US Standard Filter Assembly
10-5433US Filter Bung Adapter w/ O-ring
10-5434US Filter Kit (2 Screens/4 O-rings)
10-5438US Standard Filter Assembly
10-5451US Crossover Tube
10-5523US Pkg of 5 O-rings, Viton
10-5525US O-ring, Viton (pkg of 4)
10-5582US RTD sensor and
tank thermostat kit
10-5625US Circuit breaker, main switch
with cover, 30 amp
10-8907US Tank RTD temperature wire
harness sensor
10-8908US Tank overtemperature
12-0324US PRV (Pressure Relief Valve)
12-0424US Circuit breaker cover
12-1007US Kit, Fuse (pkg of 4) 1 amp
12-1008US Kit, Fuse (pkg of 4) 6.3 amp
14-2445US Kit, Fuse (pkg of 2) 25 amp
15-5077US Magnetic Actuator Assembly *
16-1424US Pump Assy, 3000 Style, 14:1
16-3034US Kit, Fuse (pkg of 4) 15 amp
16-4601US Pump Seal Kit
16-6880US Fork, Magnetic Shifter *
(Only Available w/ 15-5077US)
22-9519US Solenoid, Pump
27-4578US Filter Screen, 0.006 Mesh
27-4669US Solenoid, Pump
27-6024US Drain Valve Assembly
28-8022US PRV (Pressure Relief Valve)
28-8031US Crossover Tube
31-0904US Fuse, 1 Amp, Kit, 4
93-9113US Fuse, 15 amp, Kit, 4
93-9491US Fuse, 25 amp, Kit 2
93-9683US Fuse, 6.3 amp, Kit, 4
93-9708US Fuse, 1 Amp, Kit, 4
93-9992US Fuse, 30 Amp
94-0101US O-ring, Viton (US010C)
94-0281US O-ring, Viton (US028C)
94-1172US O-ring, Viton (US117C)
95-4036US Back-up Ring
98-6239US Retaining Ring Spiral
(Only Available w/ 27-6024US)
10-17845US Solenoid, Pump
* Item 15-5077US Magnetic Actuator Assembly and
16-6880US Fork, Magnetic Shifter are designed
to fit 16-1424US Pump Assy, 3000 Style, 14:1.

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